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Hello and welcome to JWAust.com. I have established this web site as a resource for personal Christian development. As a Senior Writer for The Beyond Today magazine http://www..BeyondToday.org and a long time minister, I routinely come across subjects which contribute significantly to my spiritual development; I want to share those with you. JWAust.com exists to benefit others.
Joe Kovacs Interview
I interviewed Joe Kovacs on September 17, 2009. He's the popular author of "Shocked by the Bible!" Check it out by clicking the following link. I think you'll appreciate Joe Kovacs transparency and conviction. I really enjoyed the interview, including Joe's good humor.
Personal Notes
The Media as big business focuses most of our attention on the weaknesses of human nature, the negative side of life. Personal Notes page will share some positive thoughts about how all the discouraging things in this life will be replaced by productive and encouraging results, guaranteed in the world tomorrow. Go>>
The Print Library...
...contains a collection and an archive of articles I've written, along with others' articles that have personally helped me. They will impart understanding of why we draw the breath of life on this planet. Come back often to savor some unconventional wisdom based on Scripture. Go>>
The idea for the Anthology page comes in part from its definition: a collection of stories, a variety of humor, quotations, and perhaps a few photos. The page will also offer "just for fun" things. I hope you enjoy the Anthology page and visit it often. Go>>


JW Aust is a long time minister, speaker, and writer. Currently he is a senior writer for The Beyond Today Magazine... More>>

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