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Where would we be without cyberspace technology? At once, media is a blessing and a threat. Media can be a blessing to us because it provides the platforms from which we can communicate good, constructive thoughts and ideas, exponentially. Conversely, media can be a threat to family values when it is used for selfish purposes and is designed to play on the weaknesses of human beings, for gain.

The Audio/Video page was created to share with you some good news about mankind's future, first in audio format, and eventually in video format. You will be able to hear lengthier messages from various ministers and speakers, and a short recorded audio program that I hope to share on a regular basis. I think that you will benefit from the Audio/Video page and I hope that you return often to hear some good news about mankind's future. Thanks for listening to messages designed to reveal your ultimate destiny.


My interview with Joe Kovacs on his new book, The Divine Secret

Updated 11/5/12 UPDATED

Here's my audio interview with Joe Kovacs, more extensive than the written one, scripted from this audio version. You'll find Joe to be personable, transparent, intelligent, articulate, and convicted to God's pristine truths. I consider him a good personal friend and have enjoyed other conversations with him before and after both interviews I had the good pleasure to have with him.

The link below will take you to the gnmagazine.org web page and you'll need to click on the mp3 bar to listen to it (sound must be on).


Hope you enjoy the interview.~jwa


The incredible world of Angels

Updated 11/17/09 UPDATED

I was a guest on the following television program about angels. Click the link to watch this educational program about angels. Hope you like it and that it helps your understanding about angels.


Have a great week.~jwa


The Beast of Revelation

Updated 5/02/08

Who is the Beast of Revelation? Here's a link of our TV program on this topic, on which I guested.


Have a great weekend.~jwa


The Ultimate Drag Race

Updated 3/28/08 From the Internet

This is a video of an unusual drag race, quite the departure from good news messages about your ultimate destiny. Hmmm. Let's see, how can I tie this in? Well, one day we won't need any mechanical transport to get us around, when we're immortal. Until then, we'll remain pretty well tethered to the ground, except when we fly for a short while in a plane.

This is the ultimate Drag Race between a 1000 HP Bugatti Veyron and a Jet Fighter. The two will start side by side from a standstill. The car will go 1 mile, slow down enough to turn around on a full width runway, then come back the 1 mile. The fighter will take off as quickly as possible, go straight up 1 mile, turn around and come back down to about 100' off the deck to fly parallel to the car to attempt to cross the Finish Line first. Who will win??



The Design and Development of the European Union. Could the present EU become the Holy Roman Empire, revived?

Updated 3/12/08

God's prophetic plan marches on. Whether people look into prophecy or not, whether people believe it or not, God says, in prophetic Bible language and context (Revelation 13 and 17 and Daniel 2 and 7 and 11:40), that a resurrected or revived Europe will take place sometime in the future. Never, and I mean never, has Europe been in the position it finds itself today, politically (especially), culturally, and in some ways, religiously (someday militarily). There has never been a time in European history when its various nations come together as one. Your Bible says that this great confederation will become a great kingdom, although they won't remain as one because of their deep-seated differences. When it does, it will dominate global trade and geopolitics.

I subscribe to an electronic newsletter (it's free) that I want to share with you. I realize that it's on the audio/video page and not the anthology page, but I place it here because of the following radio program on a related subject. You might consider ordering this electronic newsletter for yourself. It will lay out for you the stepwise progression of the coming European juggernaut. Europeans don't know their future nor do Americans. I doubt that those that produce the newsletter know what the Bible says about the future of the great European combine. But God knows and you can know.

Jesus urges us to watch world news (in light of Bible prophecy; see Luke 21:36) and continue to pray to God about such incredible things yet to come. Your safety and the safety of your loves ones can depend on your knowledge and relationship with God during those frightening times yet ahead of us. Watch and pray as you see the European Fortress rise. That means Christ's return is closer.


All the best.~jwa


Radio program I guested on: The Mark of the Beast

Updated 3/12/08

Here's a radio program that I guested on about the Mark of the Beast. There's nothing that will turn your world upsidedown more than the coming mark of the beast, a period that will last for 3 1/2 years! Remarkably and somewhat oddly, what's happening in the Middle East today and the building of the European Union, which most Americans still ignore, these will directly affect your personal welfare in the future. You and I will need God's protection to get through that terrible time. I invite you to listen to this radio program.


Have a great Sabbath.~jwa


Are We Living in the End Time?


You might want to listen to a radio program that I did with Gary Petty on "Are we living in the end time?" What does this phrase mean and how can it affect you and your loved ones? Check the free literature on prophecy in our booklet section on www.ucg.org. http://www.gnmagazine.org/radio/audio/11endtime.ram

Have a great week!~jwa

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